Staffan Olsson was born February 21, in a small Swedish town of Saro, located 20 kilometers from Gothenburg. Since childhood, the boy showed a talent for music. His first gig was at the children's Christmas Festival Lucia, when Staffan was only 6 years old. So, the boy made his debut before the public, performing Christmas carols.
Years passed. Staffan gets older. After school, he joins a band to Elevate, which is rapidly gaining popularity in Sweden. Young guys just take off the top of musical Olympus. The main achievement - winning the national music competition, which gives the group an opportunity to record their hits in the Jam Lab Studios. Having released three singles, Elevate is sent to tour in Europe.
The popularity and internal ambitions are pushing the singer to his solo work. In 1996 Staffan leaves the group, and from that moment he gets a new name.
The origin of the alias "Bosson" the singer explained repeatedly in the interviews is simple: in the translation from Swedish Bosson (Bo's son) means "son of Bo" (the name of the father Staffan.)
In 1997, the boy writes his first song, Baby Don't Cry («Baby, do not cry"). Track liked label MNW (Stockholm studio, which started producer Max Martin, promote Backstreet Boys, * NSYNC and Britney Spears). The record company released a single in rotation in the autumn of 1997. The song quickly gained the first position in the dance chart in Sweden and later in the charts in other European countries.
The popularity of musical composition led to debut album The Right Time («Fair Time") in 1999. In the album participated S. Kipner (Christina Aguilera song co-Genie In a Bottle), as well as composer and producer Jack Kugell.
By 2000, Bosson was already quite popular in Sweden. Developing your skills as a composer, poet, programmer, and, of course, the vocalist, he recorded hits in Gothenburg, which opened the way for him in America - We Live and Where Are You. Both songs reached the singles in Los Angeles at the same time and immediately made famous Bossons.
"A quick and bright as a searchlight», «one of the most promising new products" - was showered with features from the magazine Billboard, - «this guy put on his knees all top-forty"!
In the same year an artist familiar with Britney Spears, who invites him to a joint U.S. tour. Bosson serves as the opening act. In the spring of 2001 he performed with Kylie Minogue in Europe for the 70000th audience. With the new Swedish star act Lenny Kravitz, Al Di Meola, Jessica Simpson, * NSYNC, Westlife.
Composition Bosson One In A Million («only a million") becomes the main soundtrack of the movie "Miss Congeniality". The song is included in the top ten hits in Europe and Asia. In 2000, nominated for a Golden Globe award. In 2001, One In A Million Bosson received the award for Best Newcomer Awards Radio Music Awards 2001 in Singapore.
Album One In A Million Bosson recorded in 2001 in collaboration with P. and C. Bestromom Kipnerom.
On the repertoire first solo album Bosson traveled almost the whole world. In 2003, on the wave of success, he published his new creation - disc Rockstar («Rock Star"), in which Bosson focused their attention on the music of the '80s.
Then the singer for a long time disappeared from the commercial variety.
Release their fourth album Bosson took as many as in 2007. In the spring of 2007, the company manufactures disk Figury Production Futures Gone Tomorrow, Life Is Here Today. The title track the album You kept for a short time in the charts, but the singer does not bring glory.
In late 2008, work on a new album in the style of Rnb in studios in London.
and Los Angeles.